There are more than a few teams that could use or would want Bronson Arroyo. They are just all willing to play hard ball. By this point it’s looking like Bronson’s going to end up with nothing more than a one year deal. It was fascinating to get inside the mind of a free agent as he sounded off about his continued free agent status. It’s Late in the off season, pitchers and catchers are starting to pack and the pitchers that have signed around him have gotten nice contracts. Tanaka’s gaudy deal must be rubbing a lot of pitchers the wrong way.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Cincinnati RedsIs Arroyo’s age the main thing that is causing teams not to jump out of their shoes? He will be 37. There shouldn’t be any durability concerns, he’s never on the dl. The guy has been a horse. He wont cost a draft pick but he does live in the 80’s with his fastball. Perhaps American league teams could see the soft tossing veteran as more of a National League guy. He’s a mixed bag but one that teams wouldn’t mind having. Are there really no teams left that could use a reliable veteran starter? It would make some sense that his market is being held up by Ervin Santana and Ubaldo Jimenez who are also unemployed this February. We can’t blame their agents for wanting the same kinds of dollars that have been thrown around to other starting pitchers maybe not as good. This has been a very strange off season but it’s coming to an end. Everyone will find a home. 

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Enter the Tanaka, and a bit on Stephen Drew.


Well that was a seemingly never ending and tortuous process waiting to see where Tanaka would end up. I guess for Yankee tanakafans it was worth the wait.

It’s a lot of money, but not to the Yankees. It really is just pocket change. And it’s an admitted risk but obviously not one the Yankees seem particularly concerned about. I don’t think the Yankees would have gone all out for a pitcher not in his 20’s. This was a chance a team with a need, and the money, had to take. All he has to be is not Kei Igawa and he will turn a profit. If he is somewhere between Dice-k and Hideo Nomo on the mound, he should win some games for a contender. For those of you who don’t like the seven year length, you should like the fourth year player opt out; we’ve seen what mediocrity fetches on the free agent pitching market these days, what do you think it will be like in 4 years?


Stephen Drew makes a lot of sense for the New York Yankees for this year and beyond. Why would you enter the season with such a drewsketchy infield if you didn’t have to? Surely the Yankees can afford him. i’m sure they would like to have him. But does Drew want to come to the Yankees? I don’t think so. I don’t see why he wouldn’t prefer his incumbent world championship Boston Redsox, over their rival of all teams- a team who courted him last year and who he turned down. He and Scott Boras do want the Yankees supposed interest to drive the price up to a respectable Boras level. Yanks don’t want to be used here. Even if they weren’t interested, why would Cashman declare their dis-interest and not try to drive the price up to that very respectable Boras level? Drew didn’t want to be a Yankee last year, I wouldn’t think it looks more attractive this off season.

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Cano, Seattle.

I think the thing that bothers me the most now is that they failed to get anything for him at the July trade deadline. I’m sure the Yankees have known for quite some time what it was going to take to resign Cano. Perhaps they underestimated his desires, or just didn’t want him. Regardless the Yankees were putrid and held no promise for most of the season, it was as easy as it would have ever been to move Robby. Big missed opportunity.

Seattle is one of the better places he could have wound up. I’m just happy he didn’t improve an actual contender. Is Seattle becoming one of those now? Tanaka makes a lot of sense for them. Add a Nelson Cruz. Are the Mariners a year or two away from contending or are they going for it now and are a year or two away from dealing Cano (yes, he would be move-able) for some prospects and salary relief? co

We all know Cano will not be a Seattle Mariner for ten years, just like he would not have been with any other club for that long had he signed elsewhere. Heck, the Yankees could have given him the darn ten year deal and been the team to move him in two or three seasons for some prospects while the dealings were still good. If the Yanks can’t raise their own youngen’s they might as well play the sign and trade game.

Anyone should root for Seattle to give Texas and Oakland a run for their money in 2014. It will be a tough division and we can’t forget about the Angels possibly coming back to the pack one of these days. (They’re my sleeper team for Tanaka). We’ll see how this Tanaka thing plays out. The Mariners have another young arm on deck in Taijuan Walker.  Maybe Jesus Montero grows up and becomes a force. Things are looking up for the M’s. However I would not die of shock if things don’t exactly pan out on the baseball diamond the next few seasons and Cano, and maybe finally King Felix too, are on the block. And what would be wrong with that, those two players could fetch quite a haul.    

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I think he’s got a lot going for him. In the bullpen. He may have a future as a starter but it’s not now. I actually think he could close some day. But it’s not now. I think the Yankees should have pursued a closer. I think Robertson will do a good job of closing this year but he’d be more dbvaluable in his traditional fireman/set up role.

I’m holding out hope for Grant Balfour. But if they wanted him, wouldn’t they have gotten there before the Orioles? They don’t seem shy this winter about going out and getting what they deem is necessary. Or did they too not like his medicals?

Can Betances be Robertson’s replacement as the set up guy? I think the Yanks are going to rely on Shawn Kelly for that in 2014, if no further additions are made. Betances has potential. I think he looks like a closer. He’s big, throws hard and is an imposing figure, especially when you figure in his command issues. Very intimidating.

I say the yanks just need to throw him out there. Unfortunately another option exists on the lad and while this gives the Yankees, well, another option, it is one that will further delay his progress in the Big’s. But i’m definitely looking out for Dellin Betances in 2014.

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CC, Ace

He might have to shake things up a bit, but we have seen many left cchanded soft tossers and junk ballers get by. Its not like at this point in his career CC cant break 90. He’s got some left in the tank. Brian Mcaan might make a huge difference for him. An improved offense will help any pitcher. But ultimately he has to make some changes. 

I suppose we must allow time for transition when a pitcher needsto reinvent himself. Hopefully last year was the worst of it and it was the beginning of an ascent to a higher level of performance as he gets comfortable with an expanded repertoire due to diminished velocity.

CC has given the Yankees a good five years. He was definitely the tanteams unquestioned Ace. Can he still be? Maybe. But it will be smart for the Yanks to try and acquire another ace or two. Can’t have enough of those. Are any available? Well it depends on what you think of Masahiro Tanaka, Matt Garza and Ubaldo Jiminez. Don’t forget about Ervin Santana. If there are any other potential aces available via trade, mum has been the word. CC has to step up for the Yanks.

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dansyankees Welcomes A New Year And A New Season.

Happy 2014. It’s gotta be better than 2013, right?

Well, I officially went an entire season without blogging about the Yankees. There were definitely a lot of story-lines, and headlines, during the playoff-less 2013 season, but there was mostly injuries and I wasn’t very inspired to blog  about the bunch.

We all know how the season played out and wound up ending; There was injury and under-performance, bad luck and predictability, and there would also be lots of  questions heading into the winter. The team would have several key free agents and at least two retirements. Below pretty much sums up how the Yankee landscape is changing, so far. 


The Cano thing:

Overall my thoughts are it could have been avoided, with both the Yankees and Cano making concessions, but mostly Cano. The Yankees were willing to go seven years but wouldn’t budge on signing him for his ages 39, 40 and 41 seasons, citing these have serious potential to be declining years. Plus they don’t expect him to be running out those grounders any more than he is now when he’s pushing forty. 

Ultimately I think the team can still be built to contend around this loss.  Today we found out that the best second base option via free agent to replace Cano, Omar Infante, just signed with the Royals for a measly 30 Mil. Once again the Yankees were outbid by a small market team. Brandon Phillips is an option via trade. You’ll hear mixed reviews on Phillips the more you dig. He’s by far the best known alternative. As of this writing, Yanks seem intent on a revolving door of utility men and reclamation projects at second base to enter the 2014 season, which would be fine if they weren’t also doing that at third base as well. 


I’ve always liked him, and contract aside because i really don’t care, he will be a great addition to the lineup. He wont replace Cano, but visions of a return to 2011 form dance in Hal and Brian’s heads along with the sugar plums this holiday season, i’m sure. The short porch in right should help. Choo is a similliar player and would have been a fine choice over Elsbury but I believe the front office chose the former Red Sock for his name as well as baseball ability. It’s a name more on par with Cano. I do think that Jacoby has at least one more, if not a few, 2011 like seasons.    

Brian Mcaan:

Mcaan behind the dish seemed like a perfect fit from the 

bmbeginning. I think he’ll bring some much needed fire and leadership.

Carlos Beltran:

Carlos Beltran is definitely entering the twilight of his career. The Yankees will be saving most of their finger crossing for Carlos.


We need all the starting pitching we can get right now and Kuroda helps. Would rather have had Andy for one more if I had my way but I am a Kuroda fan too.  

In other news: Boone Logan is a Rockie, Joba is a Tiger, Granderson is a Met, Phil Hughes is a Twin, Chris Stewart is a Pirate and Delin Betances has one more option.  cg

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May 14th, let’s stop and asess.

Sunday, May 13th. Loss (19-15) 

Andy’s Return, Yanks stifled by Kevin Millwood.  

Saturday, May 12th. Win (18-14)

Hughes has best game of season. However it was the Mariners. Hughes had managed to make it into the 7th against the Royals before that so he should be riding high. His next start will be in Toronto. Big test if you ask me.

Friday, May 11. Win (17-14) 

Yanks get to King Felix. Ibanez goes deep. He’s looked good at the plate as of late.

Thursday, May 10. W (16-14)

Sabathia shows Ace stuff against Price and Rays.

The Yankees are doing their usual thing. They are not perfect but who is? Some guys have gotten off to slow starts, but who hasn’t before. We’ve had a few blows, most notably Michael Pineda and Mariano Rivera so the pitching depth that the Yankees seemed to build over the winter is being tested early.

The offense has been inconsistent. You can’t accept being shutdown by Kevin Milwood either as a player, manager, owner or fan. Not on a special day at the stadium no less. Well, they beat King Felix the other night so everything evens out I suppose.

The injury bug has bitten a little with only Brett Gardner missing substantial time so far. The lineup will miss the elements of the game that Gardner brings, as only he brings. Their is no other player like him on the team. Eduardo Nunez was the closest thing in terms of speed and potential spark but he was rightfully sent down to work on his defense.

The jury is still out on Eduardo. I like him and would give him a shot to win a starting job in the next few years. He’s got the speed, and he’s got pop, I’ve always liked the way the ball jumped off his bat. Perhaps the outfield would suit him better.

Game 35: Nova vs. Hammel

In Baltimore to play the Orioles for the third time this year. There’s reason to feel confidant going up against the O’s, the Yanks have Owned them in recent years. Yankee fans should also feel confidant with Nova.


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